Laur Kick Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV

By | May 14, 2024

Laur Kick Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV

Laur Kick Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV

*This product is a sample pack (sound material), not a song.
Also, in order to prevent sampling by a third party, the demo video frequently contains sounds that are not included in the sample pack.

Laur’s kicks for several years will be released here now!
The first of ATAMA WARU’s sample packs with refreshing destructive power!
Let’s Kick Expo!


◇ Contents:

  • Hard Kick Gallery x 50
  • Frenchcore Kick x 15 (D1 ~ E2)
  • Uptempo Hardcore Kick x 15 (D1 ~ E2)
  • Attractor Dimension Kick x 15 (D1 ~ E2)
  • Rawphoric Kick x 15 (D1 ~ E2)
  • 110 in total


Secondary distribution and uploading of this product is prohibited.
Illegal uploads will be dealt with as soon as they are discovered.

It is also prohibited to sell the recorded sound as a sample without processing it.

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