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Loomer Aspect v2.0.3 [WIN]

By | July 11, 2024

Loomer Aspect v2.0.3 [WIN] The Semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer Analogue modelled sounds. Stunning scalable user interface, with three colour schemes: dark, light, and classic blue. A sound-designers dream. Flexible cable-free semi-modular routing via drag and drop encourages experimentation. Use audio sources as modulations, and modulations as audio sources. Combine and process modulation sources with mappers, quantizers, rectifiers, sample and… Read More »

Aurora DSP Banshee Nano v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | July 10, 2024

Aurora DSP Banshee Nano v1.0.0 [WIN] Banshee Nano is the first product in our new series of vocal tools. This simple yet highly effective vocal plugin is designed to be exceptionally CPU-friendly, making it an indispensable addition to your recording studio. Key features De-esser: Effective sibilance reduction. Two compressors working simultaneously! Compression and Sibilance Reduction Monitoring. Choose between… Read More »

GForce Oberheim OB-1 v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | July 10, 2024

GForce Oberheim OB-1 v1.0.0 [WIN] Oberheim OB-1 – Astounding, Angry, Almighty. It’s incredible that the hardware Oberheim OB-1 has remained under the radar for so long. With the GForce OB-1 emulation, designed in collaboration with Oberheim, we’re bringing this classic synth to the fore. The GForce Oberheim OB-1 broadens the Oberheim sound palette in ways that we believe… Read More »

Midilatino Elixir Multi-Effect Plugin v1.0.0 [WIN & MacOS]

By | July 8, 2024

Midilatino Elixir Multi-Effect Plugin v1.0.0 [WIN & MacOS] ELIXIR será tu arma secreta a la hora de crear y añadir ambiente, textura, color o efectos a tus instrumentales, melodías y vocales. Alimentado por más de 6 efectos y otros 8 parámetros funcionales, este plugin te brindará un control total a infinitas combinaciones de efectos con su interfaz intuitiva.… Read More »

Plugin Boutique DC Snares v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | June 29, 2024

Plugin Boutique DC Snares v1.0.0 [WIN] The Ultimate Construction Kit The ultimate snare construction kit has arrived. Created by multi-award-winning artist Davide Carbone, DC Snares is designed to simplify your workflow and add serious impact to your productions. Whether you are exploring hundreds of custom-made onboard sounds, experimenting with the purpose-built synth engine, in-built randomiser or simply layering… Read More »

Baby Audio Humanoid v1.0 [WIN & MacOS]

By | June 27, 2024

Baby Audio Humanoid v1.0 [WIN & MacOS] Produce vocals from the future Create stunningly robotic vocals from any singing performance. Humanoid is an over-the-top pitch corrector designed for instant hard-tuning and radical voice manipulation. With a brand new approach to vocal tuning and phase-vocoding, the plugin transforms singers of any style and ability into their best synthetic selves.… Read More »

VoosteQ Material Comp & Model N Channel Bundle 2024 [WIN]

By | June 17, 2024

VoosteQ Material Comp & Model N Channel Bundle 2024 [WIN] A cutting-edge compressor that is equipped with ”DFP” a technology that VoosteQ spent 3 years developing to thoroughly reproduce the nuances of an analog circuit. Mastering grade signal processing technology can be achieved with an extremely low CPU load. The internal processing is fully 64 bit and produces… Read More »

Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | June 17, 2024

Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster v1.0.0 [WIN] Three iconic British overdrives that set the bar higher for distortion pedals. Get their smooth overdriven sound to high gain distortion for your crunchy rhythm or searing leads. Kuassa Efektor Grandmaster is a comprehensive plugin crafted with high precision to capture the iconic tones of three legendary Marshall* distortion pedals: the Guv’nor, Drivemaster,… Read More »

Martinic AXFX v1.1.1 [WIN]

By | June 13, 2024

Martinic AXFX v1.1.1 [WIN] AXFX The Martinic AXFX AAX/AU/CLAP/VST 8-unit effect rack plugin is based on the “external” effects from our flagship AX73 synthesizer. The AXFX lets you use these 8 versatile 1980s style effects on any synth, guitar, vocals, or other audio source. The AXFX includes over 100 presets designed by renowned sound designers such as Daniel… Read More »

Karanyi Sounds Matra v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | June 13, 2024

Karanyi Sounds Matra v1.0.0 [WIN] Introducing Matra Named after the echo-rich Matra Mountains in North Hungary, Matra lets you create captivating audio experiences through the art of delay! Explore the possibilities, from crafting ethereal vocal textures to infusing nostalgia with tape delay effects, all while achieving precise tonal control and instant inspiration with the Smart Random button. Mountain… Read More »

Acustica Audio Sunray 2023 [WIN]

By | June 8, 2024

Acustica Audio Sunray 2023 [WIN] Sunray is a brand new suite of Acqua plugins (available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats) that faithfully recreates some exceptional units with a vintage styling, but a modern sound, handcrafted in the USA by a famous boutique manufacturer of high quality, professional audio gear mainly based on vacuum tube technology, catering… Read More »