Red Means Recording All The Breaks + Mega Drum Machines WAV

By | May 14, 2024

Red Means Recording All The Breaks + Mega Drum Machines WAV

I was doing a lesson yesterday where we were breaking down a beat off of a Tyler the Creator record, and it came out very quickly the main drum beat was a breakbeat sample off an old Allen Toussaint record. Because I had the break in my collection, we able to relatively quickly get pretty close to the sound on the Tyler beat, and we were able to talk about how samples are important in production.

Both of these packs contain knowledge. The knowledge of sounds that you’ll find all over the place in decades of production. Breakbeats have been used a million ways in a million different genres, they’re part of the DNA of so much electronic music. And drum machines all have a distinct sound and place in the production lexicon.

It’s important for you to have these resources and get them stuck in your head so that when you hear something you can be like “oh yeah, I bet I could use this break” or “oh snap that’s a DMX tom, I have that”.

Production doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There’s language to it. These samples are part of that language. I hope they help you.

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