ProdViom Sample God Collection V1 [WAV FLP TUTORIAL]

By | May 9, 2024

ProdViom Sample God Collection V1 [WAV FLP TUTORIAL]

Unlock 11GB of Sounds, Exclusive Courses and a innovative Sample Pack, capturing the essence of different Artists, Vibes and Genres. Featuring Samples from Top-Tier Sample Makers in the Industry along with PDFs, Phrases, Exclusive Courses and much more. Mainly Drawing Inspiration from Lil Baby, Yeat, Mike Dean, Key Glock, Travis and Nardo Wick.

What is the Sample God Collection?
The Sample God Collection features top-tier sample makers sharing their Best Work and Techniques, along with Exclusive made Courses by ProdViom himself. Phrases, Drums, Bonuses and The Biggest Part – A Sample Pack unlike anything else, multiple different styles, by having these featured sample makers on this Collection.

Sample God Collection V1 Includes

Arp Layers
Unlock the Authentic Analog Arps made with Hardware Synths. Offering over 60 Arp Layers with a wide range of different Styles for Endless Possibilities within your Production.

Lead Layers
If you need a Top-Line or a Leading Melody Part then Lead Layers is going to be your Go-To. Explore over 50 Lead Layers spanning various styles, opening up endless creative possibilities for you.

Starter Kit
We all face creativity blocks sometimes. When it happens, having alternatives to kick-start your samples is crucial. This starter kit, with over 45 starters, provides a perfect foundation for your next project.

Melody + Sound Design Courses
Prepare to elevate your Production skills with Exclusive made Courses and with much anticipation, I’m excited to introduce my voice-overs on these Courses. I’ve received a lot of feedback suggesting voice-overs, tutorials for Portal Presets from Scratch and much more… so here we are! Inside you will also see Tips from Top-Tier Sample Makers, that are dropping their gems for this Collection exclusively. They will be sharing their Creative Process and Gems, unlike anything you heard before for creating impactful Beats and Samples.

Sample Pack + Flp-Files
This Sample Pack featuring 70 High Quality Samples, is truly unlike any other Sample Pack you have seen online. Unlock the Essence of different Artists, Vibes and Genres made by Billboard Sample Makers. We also put in the FLP-Files, meaning the FL Studio Files, to some Samples. Therefore you can open up the Sample FLP and really get a in-depth look about mine and others workflow, sounds, processing and more.

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