Moment Texture Pack, a Moment Expansion Pack WAV

By | May 25, 2024

Moment Texture Pack, a Moment Expansion Pack WAV

We know what you’ve all been thinking: 5 months into Season 3 and still no new Expansion Packs?? Well fear not, our team has been tirelessly at work in the sample mines crafting the next best way to reskin your sample chests. Graphic designers and block-based gamers alike may recognize the homage we are paying to one of the internet’s oldest pack types: a Texture Pack.

We’ve assembled a crack team of texperts (texture experts) from Moments past whom you know and love. KAVARI, Scotland’s dark mistress of deconstruction, known for horror-inspired soundscapes amid club chaos, championed by everyone from the Scottish Alternative Music Awards to Aphex Twin; cutspace, our supersonic scholar, a go-to producer for ian, xang and; Moh Baretta innovating in frequency (and genre) extremes by pushing trap and plugg into ambient echelons; And oakscreen, a dusty nomad of the lofi depths, painting blankets of sound across the emotional landscape.

The texture folder of a sample pack is often where miscellaneous sounds go to die, but not today – These 255 sounds comprise a comprehensive collection of everything textural: longform ambiences, tonal (and atonal) pads, noise layers to thicken your drums, sweeps, impacts, raw foley and more!

255 Samples

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