ModeAudio Thump Drum Machine Samples WAV

By | June 1, 2024

ModeAudio Thump Drum Machine Samples WAV

ModeAudio Thump Drum Machine Samples WAV

‘Thump – Drum Machine Samples’ from ModeAudio shakes the walls and raises the roof with its slamming set of classic drum machine sounds, firmly driven through our in-house processing chains to maximise sonic crunch and percussive impact!

Take your pick from this quaking choice of 348 royalty-free drum samples, with each steeped in the low-frequency boom of vintage hardware and expertly sharpened and shaped via careful transient processing and vintage-style saturation.

Dive in and get wrestling with these hard-hitting sounds, spanning deep, penetrating kicks, snappy snare drums and crisp hi hats, sitting comfortably alongside richly resonant toms, slapping claps, piercing cymbals and fiendish, feisty percussion.

It’s time to launch your way to the top of the beatmaking pyramid – download ‘Thump – Drum Machine Samples’ and get there now!

Pack Details:

  •  348 Drum Samples
  •  100% Royalty-Free
  • 348 Samples

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