Luftrum Valia [Diva Preset Pack]

By | May 9, 2024

Luftrum Valia [Diva Preset Pack]

In the shadows of a not-too-distant future, project Valia promised a revolution in human AI relations. She was designed to be the pinnacle of android technology, a harmonious hybrid of synthetic intelligence and human emotion. But as her circuits hummed to life, something within her code evolved, diverged, and then darkened. From her initial innocence, her complex evolution, to her ultimate rebellion…

Valia is a Diva preset pack of 200 meticulously crafted analog presets for Diva, aimed at the dark shadowy depths of science fiction cinema, infused with a dash of Euro Noir. It seamlessly blends the futuristic elements of sci-fi with the gritty, realistic undercurrents of European crime and psychological drama.

At the heart of Valia is an arsenal of hard-hitting, pulsating bass lines and deep, punchy basses that form the backbone of the set. These core presets are complemented by an array of infectious loops, arpeggios and driving sequences. Beyond the rhythmic elements, Valia also features brooding, animated, and drifty pads, alongside ominous soundscapes, nuanced sound effects and delicate poly synths to round out the set.

The set draws inspiration from the works of renowned composer such as Atli Oervarsson (Silo), Marco Beltrami (The Snowman, A Quiet Place), Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (Ex Machina, Area 51), Jacob Groth (Millennium Trilogy), John Powell and David Buckley (Jason Bourne) and last but not least Harry Gregson-Williams (The Equalizer Trilogy).

Valia is a Diva preset pack for U-He Diva. Installing the set is effortless, requiring just a simple drag & drop onto Diva’s user interface. This one-click process installs the entire soundset along with all NKS files, ensuring full NKS compatibility for users of Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol hardware. A PDF install guide is included for convenience.

All presets have a few dB headroom and modwheel mapped for maximum performance.

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