JTC Jason Kui Big Ticket Solos : Rock Ballad [TUTORIAL]

By | June 7, 2024

JTC Jason Kui Big Ticket Solos : Rock Ballad [TUTORIAL]

JTC Jason Kui Big Ticket Solos : Rock Ballad [TUTORIAL]

Add a fresh spark of intense melody to your playing by digging deep into this emotive collection of soaring solos. Ten extended phrases that hone in on the details of rock ballad soloing.

Journey into the many textures of rock ballad soloing as Jason Kui presents a collection that’s packed with intensity, melody and emotion.

Zoning in on these three cornerstones of “in the feels” lead guitar, you’ll be challenged with ten technically and harmonically complex solos that show you how to craft storytelling melodies.

From the intense bends of “Fireworks” to the Sfogli inspired melodies of “Neapolitan Sea” there are lessons to be absorbed for guitarists from all walks of life. Uplifting and tasteful, but with lots of highlight reel tricks, this collection looks to focus on the art of phrasing, and how you can adapt it almost infinitely.

Each solo also comes with a slowed down version to click, allowing you to appreciate and understand not only the notes played, but also the nuances in articulation that Jason delves into.

This release comes with 10 solos, 10 slow versions, 10 backings, PDF study guide and tab/notation in GP and PDF files.

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