Innovation Sounds Secret Weapons Techno Serum Pack [FXP]

By | May 15, 2024

Innovation Sounds Secret Weapons Techno Serum Pack [FXP]

Introducing “Secret Weapons – Techno Serum Pack,” a game-changing arsenal of cutting-edge serum sounds meticulously crafted to empower techno music producers with the ultimate tools for crafting solid and groundbreaking tracks. With 150 hand-crafted serum presets, this pack is your key to unlocking the full potential of your techno productions.

Inspired by the innovative sounds and revolutionary styles of techno’s most influential artists, “Secret Weapons” draws inspiration from a diverse range of talent, including:

Amelie Lens – Known for her powerful and relentless techno sound, Amelie Lens’s impact on the scene can be felt in the robust basslines and immersive pads that define this serum pack.

Ben Klock – A techno legend known for his hypnotic and atmospheric tracks, Ben Klock’s influence can be heard in the mesmerizing chords and captivating leads that “Secret Weapons” offers.

Nina Kraviz – With her eclectic and experimental approach to techno, Nina Kraviz’s unique touch is evident in the striking plucks and otherworldly FX that set this serum pack apart.

Adam Beyer – A true pioneer of the techno genre, Adam Beyer’s signature sound has inspired the raw and powerful sequences that breathe life into “Secret Weapons.”

Charlotte de Witte – Renowned for her dark and driving techno sound, Charlotte de Witte’s impact is felt in the dynamic basses and haunting leads that define this exceptional serum pack.

With “Secret Weapons – Techno Serum Pack,” you will gain access to a comprehensive collection of essential presets to elevate your techno productions, including:

  • 25 Ground-shaking Bass Presets to lay a rock-solid foundation for your tracks
  • 5 Captivating Chord Presets to add depth and emotion to your compositions
  • 10 Cutting-edge FX Presets to create seamless transitions and atmospheric textures
  • 25 Captivating Lead Presets that will leave a lasting impression on your audience
  • 25 Immersive Pad Presets to add warmth and ambiance to your tracks
  • 25 Mesmerizing Pluck Presets that will take your melodies to new heights
  • 35 Intricate Sequence Presets to add intricate rhythmic patterns and drive to your techno creations

Whether you’re a techno enthusiast or a seasoned producer, “Secret Weapons – Techno Serum Pack” provides everything you need to create groundbreaking and powerful techno tracks. Unleash your creativity, elevate your sound, and take your productions to the next level with this essential serum pack. Discover your secret weapons and conquer the techno realm like never before.

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