Groove3 bx_digital V3 Explained [TUTORIAL]

By | May 11, 2024

Groove3 bx_digital V3 Explained [TUTORIAL]

If your mixes sound small or thin, and you’re struggling to achieve the results you hear on your favorite songs, you’ve come to the right place! In this bx_digital V3 video course, production expert Larry Holcombe takes you on a tour of bx_digital V3 from Brainworx, a full-featured powerhouse of an EQ with mid-side capability, stereo widening, and many more usable features. Whether you’re looking to correct problem areas, add a bit of sweetening or punch, or address any other frequency-related issues, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily transform your mixes with this plug-in! These bx_digital V3 videos are designed for the new user.

Larry welcomes you and begins by outlining the various areas of the interface, so you’ll feel well-grounded as the course progresses, followed by a demonstration and discussion of how mid-side EQ works to create a well-balanced mix. Then he covers the master section, where you’ll find controls for gain staging, overall stereo width, balance, and pan. Next, Larry explains the EQ sections (mono and stereo), where we have the typical gain, Q, and frequency controls along with other useful features like Auto-Listen, proportionate Q, linking, and more.

This is followed by a look at the Bass Shift and Presence Shift parameters, which provide opposing boosts and cuts in adjacent bands to prevent excess buildup of muddy frequencies, as well as the Dynamic EQ (frequency-dependent compression), Mono-Maker (summing tool), and Gain Scale (proportional gain changes to all filters) controls. Larry concludes the course with a demonstration of the metering options and tool bar features, as well as two examples of the plug-in in action on an indie track and a hip-hop track.

If you don’t have experience with mid-side EQ, you’ll likely be amazed at the results you can get. The bx_digital V3 is certainly one of the best out there, and this bx_digital V3 course is the fastest way to learn everything you need to know about it in order to take your mixes to the next level. See the individual bx_digital V3 video tutorial descriptions for more information on the plug-in and ways in which you can use it in your own songs. A cleaner, more impactful mix awaits… Watch “bx_digital V3 Explained┬«” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to set proper gain staging for the plug-in, adjust stereo width to taste, and tweak the balance and pan for corrective mix repair or creative applications
  • Dialing in the various EQ parameters, including the use of helpful features like proportionate Q, linking, and others
  • Getting the low end under control with the Bass Shift and Presence Shift controls
  • Using the Dynamic EQ feature to help allow room for important elements in the mix like vocals, kick drum, etc
  • And more!

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