Billegal Sounds Blanketdragon Asymmetry WAV

By | May 11, 2024

Billegal Sounds Blanketdragon Asymmetry WAV

Billegal Sounds proudly presents ‘Asymmetry,’ the 30th installment in our esteemed artist series. Dive into a world of sonic experimentation as Blanketdragon delivers an expansive and diverse collection of avant-garde sounds, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

This massive sample pack offers a treasure trove of musical inspiration, featuring a vast array of meticulously crafted elements. From intricate glitch-infused rhythms to ethereal pads, ‘Asymmetry’ encompasses a kaleidoscope of sonic landscapes.

Blanketdragon has masterfully curated this collection, weaving together sounds that challenge the norm and ignite your creativity. ‘Asymmetry’ invites you to explore uncharted territories in music production, providing the tools to craft tracks that are both strikingly unique and deeply expressive.

1421 Samples

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