Battersea Audio Polygrade Tape Synth [KONTAKT]

By | May 13, 2024

Battersea Audio Polygrade Tape Synth [KONTAKT]

Rather than using traditional digital oscillators, Polygrade uses waveforms recorded from hardware synthesizers. These are then recorded and degraded via tape cassette machines, before being housed within Polygrade. Presets use a variety of input samples, designed to further enhance the tape sound.

Every sound on Polygrade is run-through a range of analog equipment. The final touch comes from vintage tape cassette – giving it an edge of rare unpredictability within software instruments.

Note that an update is due in the next week which will increase the total number of presets to over 100, and introductory pricing will end. Those who purchased Polygrade prior to the update will receive it for free!

Warm Sonic Palette
Lock in to a time before our time with rich synth tones, from pads, to leads, to bass, to FX. Elevate your compositions with the unmatched allure of vintage character – with four optional noise layers that can be added, recorded in locations around London.

Truly Unique
Polygrade offers a library of sounds unique to those typically found in digital software synthesizers and DAWs; warm, distorted, and inspiring. Sometimes gentle, sometimes chaotic.

Built for Kontakt Player
With Polygrade, there’s no need for dedicated installers. Because it’s designed to work with the free Kontakt player, you can add Polygrade to your existing arsenal of Native Instruments’ library, or download Kontakt for free to get started. As a Native Instruments’ NKI partner, Battersea Audio instruments are run through NI’s QA control and encoding process.

Kontakt v7.6.0+ required

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