Ask Video Cubase 101 Cubase 13 Beginners Guide [TUTORIAL]

By | May 14, 2024

Ask Video Cubase 101 Cubase 13 Beginners Guide [TUTORIAL]

Steinberg’s Cubase 13 introduces a multitude of features including new tools, workflow enhancements, plugins and more. So dive into this new 30 video Cubase 13 Beginner’s Guide and get a solid Cubase education!

This course, led by Cubase expert Mark Struthers, is your go-to for diving deep into what makes Cubase so powerful. Mark walks you through every corner of this powerful DAW, making sure you’re well equipped with the DAW knowledge you need to start recording and making music quickly.

From setting up your project to exporting your final mix, he’s got you covered. Along the way, you’ll get comfortable with recording and editing audio and MIDI, and discover the clever tools Cubase offers to make your production process smoother. You’ll also explore the Drum Editor, Chord Track, VarioAudio, MIDI Modifiers, and effects, all designed to boost your music production skills.

So, grab a seat and let Mark Struthers be your guide on this practical journey through Cubase 13. By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident and ready to record and produce your own tracks with ease!

  • 30 Videos
  • 2h 29m

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